Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP)


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The revised JP XVI in English language comprises the following items in order: The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Ministerial Notification; Contents; Preface; General Notices; General Rules for Crude Drugs; General Rules for Preparations; General Tests, Processes and Apparatus; Official Monographs, including Monographs for Crude Drugs; Infrared Reference Spectra; Ultravioletvisual Reference Spectra; General Information; Atomic Weight Table (2010) and Standard Atomic Weights 2010 as Appendix; and Cumulative Index (English, Latin and Japanese titles).

Main features and revisions of this book are: Full revision of General Rules for Preparations; including the classification of dosage forms by administration route and application site, etc., the addition of 43 monographs for preparations, and the change of the definitions.

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16th Edition Print Format 16th Edition, English Version, 2320 pages
Supplement I Print Format Supplement I to16th Edition official from October 1, 2012
Supplement II Print Format Supplement II to16th Edition official from February 28, 2014
Supplement III Print Format Subscription consists of 4 issues per year
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